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Drill EDM

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Tool Type EDM

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EDM Tooling/Access.

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Conventional Drill EDM

Standard Accessories (SD-20 not included)

  • 3-axis Digital Readout System

  • Auto-depth control

  • 50 Amps. power current (SD20P/SD16P);
    60 Amps. power current (SD32)

  • Use distilled water as dielectric

  • 1.0 MM ceramic guide (1 pc)

  • 1.0 MM brass tubing (10 pcs)

  • Work lamp (1 pc)

  • Tool box & tools (1 set)

  • Coolant pump & tank (1 set)

  • Plastic shield (1 set)


SD20P (25.5"x16.5"x5.5" max. workpiece)
(31.8"x20"x9.4" max. workpiece)
(26"x14"x14" max. workpiece)
(33"x18"x20" max. workpiece)
SD-20 (24"x10"x6" max. workpiece)

Optional Accessories

High Pressure Rotary Spindle (Drill Chuck Type)
High Pressure Rotary Spindle (ER Collet Chuck Type)
Working Fluid Filtering System

Best Burn Table (through hole):

Depth Workpiece Electrode tube brass tubing Machine Time
1" Steel 1.0 mm SD32 33 sec.
0.5" Steel 3.0 mm SD32 58 sec.
0.615" Steel 0.7 mm SD20P/16P 40 sec.
1.335" Aluminum 0.7 mm SD20P/16P 30 sec.
0.317" Steel 0.2 mm SD20P/16P 90 sec.
0.79" Steel 0.4 mm SD20P/16P 34 sec.
1" Steel 1.0 mm SD20P/16P 35 sec.


SD20P/SD24P/SD16P: GROMAX Super Drill EDM  

GROMAX Super Drill EDM Features:

  • Maximum 50 amps. power current.

  • New and Improved "P" system.

  • Drilling 0.039"(1.0 mm) through 1" thick steel in less than 35 seconds.

  • Suitable for drilling through steel, carbide, aluminum and any other conductive material.

  • Fast and accurate deep hole drilling application with capacity from 0.0078" to 0.236" (0.2 mm - 6.0 mm) in diameter or bigger capacity with 120 amp power supply.

  • User friendly control panel interface, minimum skill required to operate.

Control Panel Features:

  • Multiple display functions for dimensions, EDM parameter and machining depth setting.
  • Machining stability adjustment: Fine tune and stabilize machining conditions result in finer surface finish.
  • Inch/metric conversion.
  • 0.0002" resolution.
  • Auto quill retract.
  • Center positioning.
  • Machining time timer.
  • EDM parameters recall.
  • Edge find.
  • EDM parameter memory bank stores up to 480 different settings for steel, carbide, and aluminum.  Some parameters are preloaded in memory, user can use these parameters as reference for testing, editing, and recording new data accordingly.


Fully digital panel
3-axis DRO & auto depth control
EDM parameters save & read
Panel can be mounted on column

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SD16P Features:

  • X-Y slideways are hardened and ground

  • V-Flat design and faced with "TURCITE-B" for smooth sliding and wear resistance

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Model SD20P SD24P SD16P
Range of electrode 0.2mm~6mm 0.2mm~6mm 0.2mm~6mm
Table size 16"x8.2" 17.7"x10.2" 17"x8"
Max. workpiece size 25.5"x16.5"x5.5" 31.8"x20"x9.4" 26"x14"x14"
Table travel (X,Y) 11.8"x7.8" 11.8"x7.8" 12"x8"
RAM backslide NA NA 6.3"
Guide travel 4" 4" NA
Quill servo travel 14.5" 14.5" 13.7"
Dielectric capacity 5.3 Gal. 5.3 Gal. 5.3 Gal.
Max. power rating 4 KVA 4 KVA 4 KVA
Max. current 50 Amp. 50 Amp. 50 Amp.
On/Off time setting 32 steps 32 steps 32 steps
Peak current setting 16 steps 16 steps 16 steps
Stability setting 10 steps 10 steps 10 steps
Work load 400 Lbs. NA 800 Lbs.
Layout (LxWxH) 55"x55"x86" 55"x55"x91" 55"x55"x91"
Weight 1100 Lbs. 1430 Lbs. 1950 Lbs.
Machine structure Dovetail table travel Dovetail table travel V/Flat turcite coated table way
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*All spare parts are available.


SD-32Y: GROMAX Super Drill EDM  

SD32 Features:

  • Micro computer control, MOS-FET special circuit design.
  • Maximum stability of workhead feed.
  • 60 Amps. maximum machining current.
  • Maximum distance between table surface and electrode holder: 23.62".
  • Heavy duty stainless work table.
  • Auto depth control.
  • Super fast speed; low electrode wear.
  • One V one flat, Turcite B coated slide ways.




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Model SD-32Y
Work table size 23.3"x11.8"
Max. workpiece 33"x18"x20"
Max. travel (X, Y) 11.8"x7.8"
Quill servo travel (Z) 13.58"
Backslide travel (Z) 7.87"
Manual guide holder travel 6.0"
Dielectric capacity 5.3 Gal. x 2
Dielectric Ionized water
Max. workpiece weight 1320 Lbs.
Machine dimensions (LxWxH) 39.4"x40.15"x81.5"
Power supply
Power input
Max. machining current
On time
12 steps
Off time
10 steps
Peak current setting
16 steps
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Optional Accessories:
High Pressure Rotary Spindle
(Drill Chuck Type)
High Pressure Rotary Spindle
(ER Collet Chuck Type)
Working Fluid Filtering System

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With 7 collets
(0.3~0.5, 0.5~1, 1~2, 2~3, 3~4, 4~5, 5~6mm)
HPP.FT(w/o pressure relief) and/or HPP.FTM(w/ pressure relief) Click for Price/Shop Online


SD-20 GROMAX Super Drill EDM  
With 50 amp. maximum power current and auto depth controller standard

SD-20 Features:

  • Provides starter hole for wire EDM
  • Creates gap holes in dies or plastic molds to allow gas to escape
  • For drilling all kinds of hard alloy steel
  • For drilling deep and small holes where conventional drilling are inadequate
  • Proportion of drilling depth and diameter as good as 200:1 above 0.5mm
  • Drilling diameter from 0.2mm to 6.0mm
  • For curved, globe and irregular surface drilling
  • Use distilled water as dielectrics
  • Low electrode wear (f 1.0mm as low as 30%)
  • Accurate straightness and roundness with proper settings
  • Drill diameter 1mm through 1" workpiece in less than 35 sec.
  • With Dove-Tail work table construction

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Auto Depth Controller

Optional Accessory:
2-Axis DRO (X,Y) 
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Model SD-20
Work table size 17"x8"
Max. workpiece 24"x10"x6"
Max. travel (X, Y) 12"x8"
Quill servo travel (Z) 12.6"
Manual guide holder travel 3.5"
Dielectric capacity 5.3 Gal.
Max. power rating 4KVA
Max. current 50A
On/Off time setting 32 steps
Peak current setting 16 steps
Stability setting 10 steps
Layout (LxWxH) 36"x46"x86"
Weight 1,100 Lbs.
Work load 400 Lbs.
Price (DRO not included) Call for Pricing
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