MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
1. Product and Company Identification
Product name Melamine
Synonyms 2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5 triazine
Chemical Formula C3H6N6
Product Codes ML
Supplier Information Gromax Enterprises Corp.
Emergency phone numbers 714-894-4401 (US)

2. Composition / Information on Ingredients
CAS Number
Percent (by weight)

3. Hazards Identification
Emergency Overview -
Adverse Human Health Effects Irritating to eyes,respiratory system and skin.
Environmental Effects This substance doesn't have environment effects
Physical and Chemical Hazards Hazardous characteristics are comparatively small
Specific Hazards NA

4. First-Aid Measures
Inhalation Remove the patient to fresh air area and keep at rest
Ingestion Give the patient water and vomit. Do not induce vomiting
Skin Contact Immediately wash the effected areas under running water using a soap.
Eye Contact Immediately wash the eyes with running water at least 15 minutes.
Protection of First-aiders -
Notes to Physician -

5. Fire-Fighting Measures
Extinguishing Media Water,chemical foam or carbon dioxide may be used for fires in the area
Fire and Explosion Hazards May release ammonia and cyanamide if involved in high tempterature
Special Firefighting Procedures Not special
Special Equipment for the Protection of Firefighters Protecting clothes , gloves , mask, glass and shoes.

6. Accidental Release Measures
Personal Precautions Use water shower for at least 15 minutes.
Environmental Precautions -
Methods for Cleaning Up Collect the solid as many as possible using shovel. Sweep up spillage and flush the area with water to waste water treatment system

7. Handling and Storage
Handling Handle carefully not to break the bag. Use dust respirator and rubber gloves
Storage Store the substance in a dry location, Keep the bags tightly closed. This substance has a tendency of blocking under weighing of long period.

8. Exposure Controls / Personal Protection
Engineering Measure -
Control parameters
  • Limit values: -
  • Biological Standards: -
Personal Protective Equipment Eyeglasses,glove,helmet, mask,safety shower, eye wash fountain.
  • Respiratory Protection: Dust respirator
  • Hand Protection: Rubber gloves
  • Eye Protection: Safety goggles
  • Skin and Body Protection: Wear approprite protective gloves and clothing to prevent amd minimize contact with skin.
Specific Hygiene Measures No information available

9. Physical and Chemical Properties
Physical State Powder Form -
Color White Odor None
pH 8.1 Boiling Point/Boiling Range Sublimes
Decomposition Temperature NA Flash Point & Method Used Will not burn
Auto Ignition Temperature NA Explosion Properties May release ammonia and cyanamide if involved in high tempterature
Vapor pressure Not volatile Vapor density -
Density 1.573 g/cm3 Solubility 100óJ 5.8gm/100gm H2O

10. Stability and Reactivity
Stability Stable
Possible Hazardous Reactions Occurring under Specific Conditions -
Conditions to Avoid -
Materials to Avoid Avoid contact with strong acid and strong oxidizing materials
Hazardous Decomposition Products -

11. Toxicological Information
Acute toxicity Oral LD50 (rat) 3.16 g/Kg
Local effects No information found
Sensitization The material was not skin sensitization by test of guinea pigs
Chronic Toxicity or Long Term Toxicity No information available
Specific effects No information available

12. Ecological Information
Possible Environmental Effects, Behavior and Fate No information found

13. Disposal Considerations
Recommended Methods for Safe and Environmentally Preferred Disposal To be disposed of as unflammable waste

14. Transport Information
International regulations -
UN classification number -
Specific Precautionary Transport Measures and Conditions -

15. Regulatory Information
Applicable Regulations No information available

16. Other Information
NFPA Ratings No information available
Label Hazard Warning No information available
Literature References No information available

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