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MP-001/OP-1000 Omni & Mini Omni Bar Puller
7800 Series Tool Setting Stand for BT & CAT
RHT Rockwell Hardness Tester 
ADB158-V/ADB158-S Air Power Drawbar (gooseneck style)
HL/HLP Series Halogen Machine Lamp
CE300 Series Universal Magnetic Base
RF-30B Multi-Purpose Milling & Drilling Machine
GTP Three Dimensional Pantograph Engraving Machine
GX-102 Series CNC Machine Tool Trolley



Omni & Mini Omni Bar Puller  


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Fingers & Finger Sets for MP-001/OP-1000
Individual Hardened Steel 50 RC Fingers
Soft Steel Fingers
Soft Aluminum Fingers


The Omni Puller is either coolant or air activated. The special adaptor can be easily removed for internally activated applications. The Omni Puller is mounted in two basic ways:
  • Internally Activated: Applications are very common and very easy to mount. Internally activated applications require you to remove the coolant/air adaptor. You must have a minimum of 15 P.S.I. to activate the unit (maximum 80 P.S.I.).
  • Externally Activated: Applications are commonly used with a CNC Turret boring bar holder attachment, or with another style tool holder. These holders must have coolant access ports. These ports can be connected with an external line to the threaded hole of the coolant/air adaptor (thread size 1/8" - 27 NPT). Your external outside coolant system must have a minimum of 15 P.S.I. to actuated the Puller (15 P.S.I. = 107 lbs. clamping force).
Model Description Shank Dia. Capacity OD Length Price
MP-001 Mini puller 0.625" 3/16"~11/8" 2.250" 4" Click for Price
OP-1000 Omni puller 1.0" 3/16"~3" 3.750" 6" Click for Price


Tool Setting Stand for BT & CAT  

7800 Series

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Model Holder Type L l1 l2 l3 l4 H W Weight Price
7852 BT/CAT30 8.23" 3.74" 0.39" 0.59" 2.64" 5.12" 3.94" 6 Lbs. Click for Price
7854 BT/CAT40 8.23" 3.74" 0.39" 0.59" 2.64" 5.12" 3.94" 7 Lbs. Click for Price
7856 BT/CAT56 10.83" 4.54" 0.79" 0.95" 4.13" 7.87" 5.0" 24 Lbs. Click for Price


Rockwell Hardness Tester  
Conform to IS3804~1966 & BS891~1962 Part I & Part II for Rockwell test

180 Lbs.

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Standard Accessories:
  • 53/4" testing table
  • 23/16" testing table with "V" groove
  • 1200 diamond penetrator
  • 1/16" steel ball penetrator
  • Rockwell A test block (1pc)
  • Rockwell B test block (1pc)
  • Rockwell C test block (3pc)
  • Screwdrivers (2 pcs)
  • Complete instruction manual
  • Dustproof plastic cover
Penetrator test scales suitable for
Rockwell A: Diamond 120 on case hardened steel
Rockwell B: Ball 1/16"  on annealed ferrous and non-ferrous metal
Rockwell C: Diamond 120 on annealed hardened and tempered on deep case hardened steel
Max. load 330 Lbs.
Initial range load 22 Lbs.
Depth of throat 51/4"
Max. depth of spindle below base 2"
Base size 7"x18"
Height 241/2"


Air Power Drawbar  
Reduce operators fatigue, minimize tool-change-time.
Available for most manual & CNC mills with standard R8, #30 or #40 taper tool holders.


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  • Easy to install: No special drawbar necessary use the existing drawbar, install in 10 minutes
  • Pre-connected assembly-use compressed air only, no electrical wiring needed
  • Operated on shop air supply-filter/ lubricator, regulator and gauge are included with each unit provide clean oiled air to ensure long lasting life
  • Use standard shop air pressure: approximately 90 P.S.I.
Model Price
ADB158-V for variable speed mill Click for Price
ADV158-S for step pulley mill Call


Halogen Machine Lamp  

Gooseneck Style

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Replacement bulb

HLP Series

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HL Series Features:
  • 18" flexible black gooseneck adjustable to any position
  • 50 watt bulb
  • IP 20 dust protection
  • Mounting brackets
HLP Series Features:
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • With built-in electronic transformer
  • 5" light head
Series Model Bulb Voltage Price
HL HL120 12V, 50W direct plug into 110V with built-in transformer Click for Price
HL240 24V, 50W wired onto machine Click for Price
HLP HLP24L 34" long arm, 110V w/ built-in transformer Click for Price
HLP24M 20" medium arm, 110V w/ built-in transformer Click for Price
HLP24S 10" single arm, 110V w/ built-in transformer Click for Price
HLP24B Head & base, 110V w/ built-in transformer Click for Price


Universal Magnetic Base  
  • Instant universal position with a single knob
  • Total reach 10.5"; accepts indicator w/ dovetails and 3/8" dia.
  • Magnetic on/ off base switch ( Indicators not included)

CE310 Click for Price
(mechanical arm)
CE300 Click for Price

(hydraulic arm)

CE303N3 Click for Price
(cooling hose)

CE312 Click for Price
(wheel dresser)

CE311PB Click for Price
(magnetic base)

CE322PB Click for Price
(magnetic base)

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CE310 3.5 Lbs.
CE300 4.0 Lbs.
Arm length: 13.4"

3.6 Lbs.
Main pole dia.: 0.6"
Length: 14.4"

2.4 Lbs.

2.5 Lbs.
Holding power:
176 Lbs.

4.5 Lbs.
Holding power:
308 Lbs.
Tapped hole: M8x1.25



Multi-Purpose Milling & Drilling Machine  

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RF-30B Click for Price (w/o stand)
RF-31 Click for Price (with stand)

  • Versatile use: milling, drill and tapping
  • Sturdy construction not limited to skilled operators
  • Adjustable headstock can be swung 360 up or down to meet various requirements
  • Bronze adjustable lead screw nuts
  • 9" x 30" Table
  • 12 Speed, 2 HP, 1 PH Motor
Standard Accessories:
  • 31/2" Angle Mill Vise
  • 3" Face Cutter
  • 5/8" Drill Chuck
  • R8 Arbor Set
Optional Accessories:



Three Dimensional Pantograph Engraving Machine  


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  • Wide range of spindle speeds (1600~20000rpm, 12 steps spindle speed) suitable to work with various different kinds of material such as alloy steel, copper, aluminum, bakelite, organic glass, hardwood and marble
  • Capable of reducing ratio (ratio of pattern to workpiece ranges from 1: 11/2 to 1:8.  When spindle trades place with the copy stylus, enlarging ratio can be achieved from 11/2:1 to 8:1)
  • Power supply 3 phase/220V/60HZ; 0.5 HP

  • To reproduce the production of arts and crafts
  • To engrave forging, stamping and various kinds of dies
  • Suitable for batch-copying milling (forming guide with corresponding shape, concave or convex)
Max. milling width (at reduced scale 1:1.5) 8.66"
Max. milling length (at reduced scale 1:1.5) 9.84"
Distance between centers of pantograph 16.5"
Range of milling proportion 1.5:1 to 8:1
Max. distance from spindle nose to working table 14.2"
Spindle rapid travel 0.24"
Micro-movement of spindle 0.039"
Number of spindle speeds 12 steps
Range of spindle speeds 1600~20000rpm
Work table surface (WxL) 7.87"x14.2"
Table travel (longitudinal) 11.8"
Table travel (cross) 6.3"
Table travel (vertical) 14.2"
Copy table surface (WxL) 12.6"x19.7"
Travel of copy table (longitudinal) 7.87"
Vertical (copy table 90 rotation) 12.6"
Rotary range of copy table) 360
M63M electric motor 0.37kw, 220V, 3400rpm(60Hz)
Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 53"x37"x55"
Net weight 1520 Lbs.
Packing dimensions (LxWxH) 63"x43"x71"
Gross weight 2068 Lbs.
Optional Accessories:
Model Description Price
QH88 4" swivel vise Click for Price
KZK110 4" rotatable tilting 3-jaw chuck Click for Price
TS180 6" rotary work table Click for Price


CNC Machine Tool Trolley  


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Click for Price
Complete Set

  • Rugged steel construction
  • Cruises smoothly on oversized wheels
  • Strays put with positive brakes
  • Roomy bottom shelf space
  • Lift-out tooling tray Load or unload tooling individually at separate sites
  • Ideally sized measuring-in at: 331/2"x371/2"x251/2" (HxWxD)
  • Weight: 106 Lbs. appro.
Standard Complete Set:
  • Tool trolley
  • Four trays
  • 28 pieces #40 inserts


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Model Item Price
GX-102-1 Extra tray Click for Price/ea.
GX-102-2 #50 insert Click for Price/ea.
GX-102-3 #45 insert Click for Price/ea.
GX-102-4 #40 insert Click for Price/ea.
GX-102-5 #35 insert Click for Price/ea.
GX-102-6 #30 insert Click for Price/ea.
Tray Capacity
Taper Pot Max. Qty.
per tray
#30 8
#35 7
#40 7
#45 6
#50 5